Pre-Purchasing Counseling

Family Services Center provides individual, one-on-one counseling for home buyers, whether you’re ready to buy now or several years from now. Learn how to obtain an affordable mortgage loan, the best way to shop for a home, and how to improve your credit score to obtain the lowest cost mortgage. We also provide information on how to qualify for homebuyer financial assistance programs.

FSC's Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling covers:

  • Pre-purchase Counseling for Prospective Homeowners
    Individual counseling sessions for prospective low to moderate income homebuyers with emphasis on lower income first time home buyers. Services include assessing each client's needs and financial situation, presenting information on all available homeownership assistance programs, establishing an individualized homebuyer plan, developing corrective action plans and timelines for success, and encouraging and facilitating progress as clients overcome obstacles and move toward mortgage-readiness.

  • Matching Clients with Non-predatory Loan Products & Homebuyer Assistance Programs
    Analysis of financials, risk elements, and general concepts affecting conventional and government mortgage loan decisions, using effective procedures and techniques that translate into appropriate loans and satisfied housing counseling clients.

  • Homebuyer Education Programs
    Comprehensive homebuyer education program to turn prospective homebuyers into satisfied homeowners including how to shop for a home, obtain an affordable mortgage loan, improve budget and credit profiles, and maintain the home and finances after purchase.

  • Training on Avoidance of Delinquency, Predatory Lending, & Foreclosure
    Training on how to avoid predatory lenders and common lending pitfalls, including helping unwary borrowers avoid inflated appraisals, unreasonably high interest rates, unaffordable repayment terms, and other conditions that can result in a loss of equity, increased debt, default or foreclosure.

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