• Anger Management

    Do you find yourself angry and not understanding why? Do you carry around resentment from a past relationship? Anger can impact every aspect of our lives, with our family, friends, co-workers and even those we encounter during the normal course of your day. Learning how to identify triggers that left unchecked can lead you to be angry, understanding your response to those triggers and learning new ways of expressing yourself are all important tools in reducing and eliminating our negative response to anger. Learn how to live a happier, more content, satisfying life by managing your anger and you’ll find those around you are happier too.

    Male and female, volunteer or mandated, our program can help improve your life. We partner with the court system, Department of Human Resources (DHR), attorneys and Employee Assistance Programs.

  • Domestic Violence

    Do you feel unexplainable rage?  Does that feeling interfere with the relationship with your partner or immediate family?  Anger and rage that escalate into physical violence can lead to a litany of problems.  The good news is that this behavior can be changed with willingness and desire.  Our state certified program with the Alabama Association of Violence Intervention Program helps individuals recognize issues that create a need to exercise control and power over other individuals.  Physical intimidation, bullying, verbal and emotional abuse, social isolation and feeling the need to control others can all be factors that lead to domestic violence.  Our gender specific program provides individuals with tools and communications skills that help rebuild trust and security in your relationship eliminating many of the triggers that can lead to domestic violence.

    Male or female, volunteer or mandated our program can help improve your most treasured relationships.  We partner with area court systems, the Department of Human Resources (DHR), attorneys and local employers who provide Employee Assistance Programs.

  • Pre-Trial Theft Diversion

    For some non-violent crimes, such as theft, a Pre-Trial Diversion program is an option.  A candidate for diversion is willing to take responsibility for their actions and participate in a court mandated program for a period of time.  The goal for a theft diversion program is to promote responsible behavior to prevent future offenses.  The program addresses defense mechanisms and roadblocks that prevent taking responsibility, stress management, financial accountability and responsibility, money management and alcohol/drug abuse awareness.   Completion of the program, in addition to other court mandated requirements, can lead to the expungement of a first-time offense.

  • Family Counseling

    Family counseling is often sought due to a life changing event or stress that is negatively affecting one or many areas within the family; and may include family structure (rules and roles) as well as communication. Family counseling can include a variety of forms and might involve a combination of parents, children, siblings, step-parents and step-siblings. Common issues addressed in family counseling are grief and loss of a family member, addition of a new family member, a major move and a variety of other general changes that affect the family system. Family relationships can be some of the most dynamic and challenging relationships we have and also be the most rewarding and long-lasting relationships of our lifetime. Our licensed professional staff will work with your family to improve the way the members of your family communicate with each other and work to ensure each member is being heard and valued. The ultimate goal for family counseling is to build healthier family relationships for a harmonious family life.

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