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  • Parenting

    Raising children in today’s environment can be the most challenging yet rewarding experience of one’s lifetime. Being an involved parent is important to raising a healthy child and creating a long-lasting positive relationship. Our parenting program utilizes an evidence-based curriculum designed to assist parents gain a better understanding of child development, improve communication skills, assist parents in developing nurturing skills and parenting with affection and positive reinforcement instead of fear, anger or intimidation.
  • Nurturing Father’s

    Children need their fathers. Fathers need their children. Fathers have a valuable role in the life of both children and family. Whether you’re a new father, widowed father, stepfather or in a father-like role, research overwhelmingly supports the benefits to children and families through positive male nurturance. For children to experience these benefits, fathers must be present, however presence is only the beginning. It is the quality of a father’s presence that matters most in enhancing the life of his children. ​

    Regardless of a child’s age, our techniques are designed to help father’s develop positive parenting methods through self-awareness, communication and co-parenting skills, and appropriate disciplinary techniques to become the best father he can be.

  • Families and Schools
    Together (F.A.S.T)

    Families & Schools Together (F.A.S.T.) is a collaborative, community-based, whole family, early prevention program delivered in Title I Huntsville City Schools.  Our evidence-based program incorporates play therapy, family communication techniques, stress reduction and parent empowerment.  F.A.S.T. consists of eight (8) weeks of carefully orchestrated, experiential, fun activities.  These activities are designed to engage and strengthen the family unit, improving communication and strengthening the relationships between students, parents and faculty in order to enhance the educational experience for each student.

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