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Pre-trial Substance Abuse (Diversion Program) Pre-Admission Agreement

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1. I understand that I must participate in an initial assessment before starting the PTSA Program. I agree to pay $45 for the initial assessment, and $70 per session for my six (6) classes. CASH, MONEY ORDER, OR CREDIT CARDS ONLY.

2. After the initial assessment is completed, I must attend 1 group session per week for (6) consecutive weeks. All sessions must be attended in order to receive a certificate of completion, and missing a weekly session for any reason may result in either termination from the program or restarting the program at week one.

3. Group are typically Wednesday evenings from 5-6PM, and Thursday morning from 9-10:30AM. Classes begin as scheduled; participants WILL NOT be admitted after 5:05PM and 9:05AM respectively.

4. Please park in the back parking lot and use the rear entrance to the building unless you need to use the elevator.

5. Children, spouses, friends, etc. are not allowed in class. Class participants and instructor(s) only.

6. In order to receive credit for the class, participants are expected to attend the full session, this means staying awake throughout the session. If you can't stay awake, you will be asked to leave. 

7. I understand that I must arrive in sufficient time to pay my fees and begin class on time.

8. Participants may not use ANY violence during the program. This includes verbal harassment, as well as physical violence, etc. A participant in violation of this expectation may be terminated from the program and subject to other consequences from the Court.

9. I understand that if I use any alcohol/drug prior to coming to a meeting I may be terminated from the program. All participants are subject to random Breathalyzer tests throughout the course. In addition, tobacco products and E-Cigs may not be used in the building.

10. I understand that I must actively participate in order to complete the program. I may be terminated if I fail to participate or to make progress.

11. Cell phones or other devices which may cause a distraction are not allowed. (Please put device(s) on silent until class is over).

12. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the classroom.

13. While participating in the program I agree to attend class with an open mind, accept responsibility for my actions, and develop rational problem solving skills to assist with the reason(s) I am here.

14. Interns from local universities may attend classes for academic purposes and they have been instructed on the confidentiality of Individuals/Groups.

I understand and agree to the expectations of the PTSA Diversion Program.

We offer Wednesday evening classes from 5-6:30PM and Thursday morning classes from 9-10:30AM. Please see us for specific dates and times.